The Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Initiative, the Global e-Sustainability Initiative and ETI show how competitors can collaborate

While B2G cooperation is crucial, this can only be achieved through effective partnerships between businesses, often those in direct competition with each other. The various initiatives, platforms and coalitions must enable their members to collaborate fully towards social goals, balanced against the business reality that they compete on an everyday basis.

“Forward-looking business leaders need to be working with sector peers and stakeholders to map their collective route to a sustainable competitive playing field,” says Mark Malloch-Brown, chair of the Business and Sustainable Development Commission. “Which is why the commission calls for companies to come together to create and adhere to sector roadmaps for achieving the Global Goals.”

AstraZeneca’s Andy Rayment believes that the scope of the SDGs is so broad that no single type of organisation can achieve much impact acting alone.
Rayment is communications lead at the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Initiative (PSCI), a group of pharmaceutical and healthcare companies that have joined together to share knowledge and expertise and promote responsible supply chain management and better business conditions across the industry.
“Each organisation type has a set of capabilities, tools and processes that can be brought together to influence and drive change, delivering more together than they can in...

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