GMO labelling, Hilton resource savings, data centres heat water and Congo child labour accusations

Campbell Soup to place GMO labels on products

Following the announcement that it will be eliminating artificial ingredients from its products, Campbell Soup says it will now begin placing genetically modified organisms (GMO) labels on product packaging.

While in favour of mandatory labelling, the American canned soup household brand says it will continue to oppose what it calls a “patchwork of state-by-state labelling laws” – such as the ones proposed by individual states including Vermont, Maine and Connecticut – which Campbell believes to be incomplete, impractical and confusing for customers.

Campbell will focus its efforts on creating a single mandatory labelling standard in the form of federal legislation that would require all foods and drinks regulated by the Food and Drug Administration and the US Department of Agriculture to be clearly labelled for GMOs.

Lobbying for labels


Sustainability saves Hilton $500m

Since the launch of its corporate responsibility strategy four years ago, Hilton Worldwide says global partnerships and sustainability programmes have helped it save more than $500m.

The hotel...

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