Outotec holds the position as the third best sustainability company in the world because of its life cycle use of natural resources

London, 11 March 2015

Pertti Korhonen, President and Chief Executive Officer at Outotec gives Ethical Corporation an exclusive interview on how sustainability can add value to business innovation and result in long term sustainable business growth.

“It’s not just about ethics; it’s about long term business success for us as a company.” Pertti Korhonen gives an honest account on how he owns and leads sustainability at Outotec to deliver long term business successes.

‘We’re able to offer our clients the prospect of better financial results while at the same time helping them to improve their ecological footprint and secure their license to operate.’
Read the full interview here.

For more information on the interview or meeting Outotec’s CEO in person at the Responsible Busienss Summit, contact:

Krina Amin 
Project Director 
Ethical Corporation 
+44 (0) 207 375 7508

Responsible Business Summit Europe 2015

May 2015, London, United Kingdom

Europe’s leading meeting place for corporate leaders delivering sustainable business. 12+ C-Suite and over 300 attendees will address some of the key issues and opportunities, including: sustainable innovation, collaboration, and resource efficiency and brand strategies

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