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Land and climate, key sustainability themes

When consumers think about sustainability, at the top of their minds is their impact on land and climate, according to a major public opinion survey by London-based research consultancy Future Thinking. Millennials (16-34 years) tend to look more broadly, incorporating the welfare of employees, customers and suppliers into their considerations – 24% of this group identified with these concerns compared with only 13% of consumers over 55. The importance that people place on sustainability issues differs according to whether they use social media (86% of social media users consider sustainability important compared with only 76% for those who do not use social media). As to what messages consumers listen to most, minimising waste to landfills (cited by 39%), using sustainable ingredients (37%) and using renewable energy wherever possible (37%) top the pile. As for the public’s perception of a firm’s sustainability commitment, this is based much more on actions (36% say this is important) than their principles and truthfulness (20%). The base for the survey comprises more than 25,000 UK consumers.

Future Thinking

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