China may be a powerhouse when it comes to producing solar panels and wind turbines, but only Broad Group and Elion Resources have committed to 100% renewable energy

China is the world's leading producer of solar panels and wind turbines, but Chinese companies have been slow to go green themselves. Just two Chinese companies are among the 122-strong RE100 coalition of businesses that have pledged to go 100% renewable.

The first Chinese company to join was Elion Resources Group, which has committed to going 100% renewable by 2030. The company, which is involved in eco-restoration projects in the Kubuqi desert in Inner Mongolia and other ecologically fragile regions along the Silk Road Economic Belt in China, is working with UN Environment to address desertification, and at the same time identifying opportunities for renewable energy development.

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Elion is developing its own solar energy, biomass and biogas energy projects and is exploring developing large-scale solar parks in the desert as well as on-site solar power projects.

The other Chinese member is the Broad Group, which produces a range of technological and sustainable products that are sold around the world, including air conditioning systems that use non-electric air chillers. Its sustainable building arm specializes in prefabricated buildings that can be assembled quickly, at lower cost, with less pollution.

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