But drinks giant of admits it could have dealt better with troubles in India, where activists accuse it of greenwash

The Coca-Cola Company recently announced that it had reached its goal of "replenishing" all the water used in its finished products globally. The beverage giant, along with its global bottling partners, said in 2015 it had balanced the water it extracted for use in its finished products by returning even more clean water to nature and communities.

The Atlanta-based company said that 191bn litres of water were returned to nature and communities through “replenish” projects, which Coca-Cola describes as locally relevant projects that address critical water issues, including safe water access and watershed protection. The remaining 146bn were returned as treated waste water. What’s more, the iconic American brand met its global water replenishment goal five years early.

Coca-Cola’s announcement makes it the first Fortune 500 Company to attain such a large target. A few days later, one of its leading bottlers, Coca-Cola HBC, was named sustainability leader of the beverage industry by the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices.

Greg Koch, senior director of global water stewardship at Coca-Cola, says the company had been “knocking on an open door” when it came to its water replenishment efforts. “Water issues are prevalent around the world. … There are so many challenges and so many...

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