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Top CEOs earn 183 times the average UK worker

The chief executives of the UK’s largest 100 listed companies earn on average £4.96m, up from £4.13m in 2010. Their income compares with an average take-home pay of £27,195 for full-time employees in 2014. The rise in executive pay puts average CEO salaries at 183 times that of average full-time workers, up from 160 times in 2010. The figures, published by the High Pay Centre, a UK thinktank, reveal that the top 10 highest-paid CEOs were paid more than £156m between them. Shareholders appear happy with the arrangement, with objections to executive remuneration comprising only 6.4% of total shareholder votes.

The State of Pay: High Pay Centre briefing on executive pay 

EU consumers waste 47m tonnes of food a year

Europeans waste around 47m tonnes of food every year, equivalent to 16% of all food sold to consumers, a new study published in the journal Environmental Research Letters finds.
The waste equates annually to 123kg of food per head. Of this wasted food, 97kg (almost 80%) is edible. The research is based on an in-depth study of six markets: the UK, the Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Germany and Romania. The figures include the...

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