McDonald’s 2014 CSR report, entitled “Good Business” shows just how hard it is to be ‘good’

In McDonald’s latest CSR report, called Good Business, the company says it is taking bigger, bolder steps with its franchisees, suppliers, and employees to bring about lasting change. Its first bold steps however, have to deal with the company’s economic picture: domestic sales have continued to fall for over a year; global sales are also down.

Of course, McDonald’s is so huge and internationally pervasive that it seems too big to fail: in spite of the downturn the company still made US$4.8 billion in profit on revenue of $27.4 billion. Bad economic performance can put a pall on sustainability efforts, and McDonald’s seems to be experiencing a bit of a slump.

The Good Business report generally outlines the progress during 2014 on goals for 2020 (outlined in the company’s Sustainability Framework). Those goals include serving 100% more fruits and vegetables in its top nine markets, compared to 2012 baselines; supporting production of ‘sustainable beef’ and beginning purchase by 2016; having 100% of coffee, palm oil, and fish verified as ‘supporting sustainable production’; increasing energy efficiency 20% in the top nine markets; getting in-restaurant recycling to 50%; and getting 100% of fibre-based packaging from recycled sources.

So how is the fast food giant...

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