Papermaker SFPNA deserves credit for moving in the right direction with its sustainability reporting, but still has a fair distance to go

Sappi Fine Paper North America once claimed: “When you begin with a blank sheet of paper, amazing things can happen.” That would be an exaggeration when describing the company’s second annual regional sustainability report, though the company makes a solid effort.  

The North American producer of coated fine paper, “release paper” – the backing for adhesive layers – and market pulp is a subsidiary of Sappi Limited, global company headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa. SFPNA’s report covers Sappi’s three US manufacturing operations, as well as corporate facilities and sales offices in the region, covering the fiscal year ending September 30 2012. SFPNA’s sustainability performance data is also consolidated in an annual report to Sappi’s shareholders in conformance to the Global Reporting Initiative’s G3.1 framework.

The report is split into three major sections: economic, environmental and social responsibility. The issues that are covered in the downloadable PDF (sustainable forestry, energy and emissions, recycled fibre, employees, local communities and customers) are addressed thoroughly. Several standard reporting features are also included: a statement from the chief executive, a Q&A with the sustainability director, an overview of the businesses, and a list of key performance indicators.

Big issues, little coverage

What’s missing from the report is...

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