Public charging boom lifts EV sales, gender issues for start-ups, investors need more ESG data, and low social mobility hits millennials

Sales of electric vehicles are booming. After taking decades to reach the 1 million figure in 2015, total historic sales of battery powered and hybrid vehicles tipped 2 million last year after the number of zero-emission models rolling off showroom forecourts increased by 40%. An important factor is the growth in publically available charging, which increased by 72% in 2016. Charger sales in 2016 stood at 320,000 units. Another development making EVs more popular is the increase in range from better batteries. Calculations by the International Energy Agency in a new study suggest that the number of electric cars stock could reach 20 million by 2020 and 70 million by 2025.

The rise in the EV market is not a universal phenomenon, however. According to the IEA study, 95% of all EV sales take place in just 10 countries. Leading the race is China. The world’s most populous country was responsible for two-fifths (40%) of all EV sales in 2016. Chinese consumers have a choice of more than 70 different models. As well as EVs, China is estimated to have 2 million electric bikes, 3-4 million small low-speed EVs, and 350,000 electric buses on its streets. Next in line are...

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