Envisioning the decarbonization dream; SDGs offer new hope to animal rights activists; city mayors lead the way on climate action

It is notoriously difficult to imagine the future, much less predict it. Picture business owners in the mid-1980s investing vast sums in the first generation of personal industrial computers. Could they possibly conceive that, four decades later, their cutting-edge technology would be outclassed by something that could fit in a person’s pocket? The idea of a decarbonized future is no different. Turn on the ignition of your car or switch on your home heating and it is tempting to assume that fossil-fuel dependency is here to stay.

Yet the business leaders who have signed up to the Science Based Targets initiative see the future differently. A YouGov poll of 185 executives of the 436 companies that have signed up to reduce their emissions in line with the Paris Agreement finds that 52% believe that at least half of the products and services we will be buying in 10 years’ time will qualify as “low carbon”. One in five of these executives goes further, anticipating 100% of their output to conform to the Paris Agreement goal of keeping the global temperature below a 2°C increase on pre-industrial levels.

The problem of picturing...

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