Emmanuel Faber says the French dairy giant’s One Planet, One Health campaign will disrupt the FMCG business model by recognising food as a human right. Terry Slavin and Stuart Buckman report

If we are going to deliver the Sustainable Development Goals, global food brands are going to have to radically change the way they operate, according  to the head of one of France’s biggest food companies.

Danone’s CEO, Emmanuel Faber, told the Consumer Goods Forum’s annual global summit in Berlin in June the thinking behind Danone’s recently launched One Planet, One Health campaign to develop products with fewer and healthier ingredients, which he described as an “alimentation revolution” in how food is produced.

Faber gave a scathing indictment of the global food industry, saying it has created social and environmental destruction by treating food as a commodity driven by market forces, generating wealth for corporations while denying equal access to food for many.

“Wealth concentration is a huge time bomb and food inequality is part of the social injustice,” Faber said.

By irresponsibly stoking the craving for fat and sugar, the food industry has contributed to epidemic levels of diabetes and obesity, he said. By letting a dozen plant species account for 75% of the food we eat, it is responsible for destructive monoculture-based farming, water depletion, and over-use of chemicals. “The system has reached a limit and we are pushing through the...

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