Consumers who generate their own energy will lead the next stage of Germany’s energy transformation

Anders Lier sees himself as the everyman of the future. The president and CEO of the Enoro Group, a software company for smart energy solutions, Lier drives an electric car and is on the verge of buying a home storage unit to hook up to solar panels affixed to the top of his home.

“I'm waiting for Musk to send me the powerwall,” Lier jokes, his face growing animated at the thought of becoming a fully fledged prosumer – those consumers who enter energy markets as generators of energy.

Like Andreas Kuhlmann of the German Energy Agency, whose job it is to promote the German Energiewende, Lier shares a fierce optimism for the way energy transitions might next unfold. Speaking at one of Kuhlmann's monthly meet-ups, Lier has come to Berlin to, in effect, spread the gospel about smart meter technology. He counts more than 400 utility companies as customers.

Anders Lier, president and CEO of the Enoro Group

Smart meters are like a gateway into the home that gives utility company access to data – the new black gold of the coming energy revolution.

Personalising the energy experience is the goal, says...

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