Angeli Mehta profiles Land Life, TerViva, and Komaza, three startups that are finding growth opportunities in planting the trees scientists say are urgently needed to combat climate change

Over 4000 years ago, farmers in North Africa worked out that they could irrigate their seedlings by burying clay pots filled with water – wasting not a drop and directing the water to where it was needed.

Amsterdam-based Land Life Company has adapted this solution for the modern era to boost the survival chances of young trees as it harnesses climate and soil data, together with plant science, to work on the reforestation our planet so urgently needs. This autumn alone, it will plant 300,000 trees in Texas and in Spain – surprisingly, Europe’s fastest growing desert.

Land Life is one of 14 companies that feature in a report by World Resources Institute (WRI) and The Nature Conservancy, The Business of Planting Trees, on the private sector’s response to demand for land restoration solutions by initiatives such as the African Forest Landscape Restoration Initiative. (See, Fightback against deforestation in Africa focuses on small farmers)

Land Life's Cocoon boosts the survival rate of trees in harsh landscapes. (Credit: Land LIfe)

Land Life’s commercial director, Rebekah Braswell, explains that its Cocoon technology is made from recycled paper pulp, made watertight by a wax coating, and...

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