There are more than 140 policies and regulations in place across America encouraging battery storage, reports Michael Levitin

In the US, where renewables account for an ever-increasing share of the energy market, the capability of storing the power produced is emerging as a leading clean energy industry. California is blazing a trail on battery storage (see Why California’s dreaming about battery storage), implementing policies and legislation to encourage its use.

But California is not the only state where battery storage is taking off. Around the country, bids for renewable power projects that include battery storage systems have become cheaper and more common. According to Baker, there is a total of about 1.5 gigawatt hours (GWh) of battery storage across the US, almost double the 800 megawatt hours (MWh) in 2016. Market projections are for national storage capacity to balloon to 11-12GW by 2022. As of last year, according to Greentech Media, 21 US states had more than 20MW of storage capacity completed or in production, and 10 states had more than 100MW.

Storage will be economic, and once there’s an economic driver you’re going to see an explosion of storage

Baker said the decline in cost for battery technology is helping drive the trend. “Based on what we’ve come to expect in costs, storage will be economic, and...

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