The Swedish edtech company has worked with brands including H&M educating 45,000 workers in Asia on their rights

One company innovating to help companies communicate directly with workers in their supply is QuizRR, a Swedish edtech company that provides brands with digital training technology to educate both managers and frontline workers on issues such as rights and responsibilities, safety and health, workplace dialogue and wage-management.

The digital training modules are built around interactive videos, featuring actors depicting real-life examples of developing and maintaining a sustainable human rights culture.
All training results are saved and displayed on a web portal, allowing brands and suppliers to measure and share their progress.

In some cases, it is becoming more challenging to address human rights issues due to changes in the political landscape

Since it was founded in 2013, QuizRR has worked with some 40 brands, including Electrolux and H&M, training 45,000 workers in 201 factories in China, Bangladesh and Mauritius. It is now hoping to expand its reach after last month raising $1.3 million from Norrsken Foundation’s Founders Fund and Working Capital, a San Francisco-based early stage venture fund founded by The Omidyar Group’s Humanity United foundation with the goal of accelerating innovation to make supply chains more transparent and ethical.

“In some cases, it is becoming more challenging to address human rights...

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