A soft Brexit could offer opportunities, particularly for home-grown energy

So here we are then, six months on from the Brexit vote, six months on from Ethical Corporation’s initial take on it, and we are only a little wiser as to what it might all mean. Brexit, we are told repeatedly, means Brexit.

When it comes to policy guidance, that is about as useful as a Buddhist mantra. In fact, it would work quite well as such - a trick to still the turbulent mind by sending it into an endless loop … Brexit means Brexit? Yes, but what does Brexit mean? It means Brexit! Yes, but what does Brexit … Ommmm …

The UK may act as a bridge between Europe and a climate-sceptic US (credit: Pichetw)

We’re currently in a state of limbo. Or, as some have described it less peacefully, a phoney war, with everyone waiting to see if and when the infamous Article 50, giving formal notice of withdrawal, is triggered. Some consequences are already apparent. The falling pound has driven import costs up, which has hit businesses relying on goods and materials sourced overseas, such as PV panels. But some argue that the...

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