Closing Date:

Jan 7, 2018



How to Apply:

Job Description:

Corporate Citizenship is taking graduates from the Chime graduate scheme -
our parent company. CC is a global management consultancy, specialising in
responsible business.

Chime transforms business, brands and organisations through sport,
entertainment and communications by creating a lasting social and commercial
impact. We work across Sports Marketing, Advertising, Sustainability, PR and
Market Research.

Being part of a large and successful group means that you benefit from a
range of available opportunities. Graduates are assigned to one agency for
the duration of their placement. This gives you control over the career you
want to build, while keeping the perspective and understanding that being
linked to all the other agencies provides.

In addition to your assigned agency’s own graduate training programme, you
will participate in a number of group wide graduate training sessions and
other activities, as well as having access to a ready-made network of
like-minded individuals with a range of unique disciplines.

We are looking for articulate, curious team players who are not afraid to
take a point of view. At the same time, you will have a real appetite to
listen and learn from the best people in their field and create brilliant
work. But what matters most is that you are determined to succeed and have
the passion, ambition and drive to become the best in the industry.

Each participating agency looks for candidates with the right skillset for
their business and this is detailed in the application form. For more
information and to apply, visit: