We look at the technology available to help fashion brands identify social and environmental risks deep in their supply chains


New York-based supply chain mapping specialist Sourcemap, has teamed up with London’s Provenance, experts in tracing product origin, in a partnership that allows businesses in the food and fashion industries to map their supply chains, gather data, and track product movement.

Sourcemap’s software relies on a cascading supplier survey system, matched with field validation through its use of enterprise social networks, which are capable of accurately capturing data from large, convoluted supplier networks.

“Enterprise social networks allow manufacturers to map their supply chains by inviting the suppliers they know (usually first-tier suppliers), who then provide information about their suppliers,” Sourcemap says. “Questionnaires can then be sent to second-tier suppliers who provide information about their suppliers, and so on down to the raw material suppliers. Along the way, useful data is collected on the geography and structure of the supply chain, and on the efforts taken by suppliers to ensure business continuity, regulatory compliance, and best practices.”

Provenance blockchain technology tracks every transaction between suppliers in real-time, verifying that every product is sourced through the authorisedchain of custody, and giving each product a digital history.  “Together, these two technologies are the first to track and trace even the most complex...

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