The hygiene products company has some compelling stories to tell but they get lost in the ill-judged two-part structure of its report

SCA is a hygiene and forest products company that develops and produces branded and own-label personal care, paper, pulp and solid wood products. SCA, headquartered in Sweden operates globally and has 44,000 employees. A seasoned reporter, SCA delivers its eighth GRI-based report, a 75-page G4-compliant volume that applies the G4 framework meticulously. In the report, SCA provides a useful overview of global megatrends and drivers of sustainability that influence SCA’s approach and a materiality assessment highlighting 20 material impacts informed by an annual survey of more than 1,000 participants.

SCA presents its role in society through the value of its products in improving quality of life, together with the benefits of its practices in advancing responsible forestry and mitigating climate change. The report opens with these key themes in a conversation between the company president and sustainability vice-president. Very soon we realise that there is meaning in the brands that SCA delivers: it’s not just about paper products for blowing your nose or wiping your behind, but social issues such as health protection through hand hygiene, incontinence and the trials of menstruation.

Some of these issues are not often openly discussed in social circles and SCA makes...

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