Nestlé targets the young unemployed, help to address water stress risks and GM’s new CEO

Nestlé targets youth jobs

The ripple effects of the 2007 global economic crisis are still being felt across the world. In Europe, one in four young people is currently unemployed, and youth employment is often presented as a remedy for economic woes. Following this principle,food and drinks giant Nestlé has pledged to create 20,000 positions under its recently launched “Nestlé needs YOUth” initiative.

Over the next three years the initiative will offer 10,000 jobs and 10,000 apprenticeships across Europe to people under the age of 30.

“Think of the impact on our society if these young people are left on the margins, without income, without a future, without hope,” says Laurent Freixe, Nestlé’s executive vice-president and zone director for Europe. “As we continue to grow and invest in Europe, we want to do all we can to strengthen and develop their skills, and improve their employability, regardless of their level of education.”

Among the 20,000 employment and apprenticeship positions, 3,000 young people will be hired in France, 2,500 in Germany, 1,250 in Spain and 1,000 in Italy. In the UK, where nearly one million young people are unemployed, and in Ireland where youth unemployment currently stands at 30%, Nestlé announced it will...

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