Ikea’s solar panel revolution, Adidas helps suppliers cut carbon and why Samsung’s customers’ food lasts longer

Ikea takes solar panels mainstream in UK

Ikea’s stated sustainability vision is clear. The company says it wants to help customers become eco-efficient and live a more sustainable life at home by offering products that help save money, waste and energy. The latest push? Solar panels. Over the next 10 months, the Swedish furniture maker will offer a range of packaged solar panels throughout its 17 stores across Britain.

The Swedish retailer, which meets a third of its total energy consumption through renewable sources and operates 338 stores across the world, is well positioned to make an impact by propagating sustainable living to customers through its products and services. The company has already introduced several energy-saving and resource-efficient products. These include LED light bulbs – which last for up to 20 years – and water-efficient dishwashers.

It was only a few months ago that the Ikea Foundation partnered with the UN High Commission for Refugees to create longer lasting, solar powered refugee shelters. Now, the company is looking to turn solar panels mainstream by making it easier for its customers to buy affordable solar panels for their homes.

However, while Ikea products are celebrated for their affordability, the solar panels are at...

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