The US outerwear giant wants to use Timberland X Thread, made from Haiti rubbish, in all products that use recycled PET

Many circular products have yet to add a strong social dimension to a brand’s value, but Timberland’s recent X Thread collection launch clearly shows how it can deliver “good with every fibre”.

In 2014, Timberland teamed up with Thread, a Certified B Corporation that specialises in repurposing waste plastic bottles from the streets and canals of Haiti into new fabric. Timberland was already working in Haiti at the time, establishing tree nurseries on the Caribbean island as part of an agro-forestry programme when Thread’s work came to its attention.

Timberland’s director of strategic partnerships Margaret Morey-Reuner says she was attracted by the transparency Timberland X Thread could offer at every stage.

“The potential ability for Timberland to be able to trace the provenance of the material all the way back to the point of the actual item that was being recycled was a really attractive proposition for us,” she says.

Timberland was keen to ensure that the material provider could supply the level of demand needed beyond a limited edition launch, something that isn’t always possible with start-up suppliers, Morey-Reuner explains.

“What would happen is these products would be successful and we’d want to increase our order tenfold, but often the material suppliers...

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