Sustainability drives innovation, operational efficiency, employee engagement, risk reduction, customer and supplier loyalty—intangibles and tangibles that can be monetized. An investor, a manufacturer and a business school professor will discuss applied work to better quantify and monetize the financial impact of sustainability investments.


Speaker LogoTensie WhelanClinical Professor for Business and Society
Director, Center for Sustainable  Business
NYU Stern School of Business


Speaker LogoPaula LuffDirector, Sustainability and ImpactInherent Group


Aston Martin Lagonda Ltd.James M StephensDirector Global Government & External AffairsAston Martin Lagonda Ltd.

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The Responsible Business Summit New York 2018

March 2018, New York

Join USA’s premier Summit pushing forward the Responsible Business agenda. Hear and meet from some of the leading and most innovative brands that are driving commercial success through impacts and purpose

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