Videos highlighting a number of the finalists for the Value Chain Sustainability Awards category

On 16th October the winners of the 2017 Responsible Business Awards will be announced at the illustrious Awards ceremony in London.

As part of the build-up to the ceremony we have published four video showreels that highlight some of the finalists’ projects and strategies. Although we can’t share all the information provided for the Awards, we hope the showcase videos will highlight some great examples and ideas to push others further. This video showreel features videos from; Flex, Coop, Turkcell, ING Bank, United Airlines, WIND Hellas and Nespresso to name a few.

Within the communication excellence category there's Awards for; Supplier Engagement of the Year, Business to NGO Partnership of the Year, Dommestic Community Investment of the Year, International Community Investment of the Year, Business to Business Partnership of the Year.

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