Business Strategy

The disruptors: Lucas Joppa’s mission to use Microsoft’s computational might for good

Oliver Balch, (Jul 18, 2019)

Oliver Balch reports on how the tech giant’s first ever chief environmental officer is aiming to ‘optimise a super-simple equation’ – reduce Microsoft's carbon footprint and maximise its positive impact by harnessing the power of AI

Young activists use the power of photography to tackle sexual harassment on the streets

Régine Debrabandere, (Jul 18, 2019)

Régine Debrabandere of Plan International Belgium on the success of BruxELLES, a collaborative project with Canon Europe launched to explore SDG5 on gender equality, which has captured political attention and offered young people a voice

Training for the deforestation marathon

David Cleary, (Jul 15, 2019)

With major companies warning their deforestation commitments are off track, David Cleary of The Nature Conservancy suggests business leaders strive for the humanly possible and work with NGOs to realise their long-term sustainability goals

Leadership Keynote: Leading "Inclusive Capitalism"

Conference Recording, (Jul 14, 2019)

Finalists for Ethical Corporation's Responsible Business Awards revealed

EC Newsdesk, (Jul 12, 2019)

Orsted, HPE, L’Oreal, ABN Amro, MIcrosoft, Coca Cola, WWF, Thermo Fisher, Fairphone, ReNew Power, MAX Burgers, Skipton Building Society, Nissan Europe, Acciona, Google, Maersk, MOndi, Nordea, Santader Brasil and Hasiru Dala are among the nominees being shortlisted for this year’s The Responsible Business Awards

Press release: Business as an enabler for innovation with Microsoft, FedEx and HPE

Ed Long, (Jul 11, 2019)

Focus on technological and strategic innovation at Responsible Business Summit West 2019 [San Diego, October 9-10]

Closing Keynote: Are we really doing enough?

Conference Recording, (Jul 5, 2019)

Leadership Keynote: Innovate and drive systemic change

Conference Recording, (Jul 5, 2019)

RBSEU 2019 - Welcome Speech

Conference Recording, (Jul 4, 2019)

RBSEU 2019 - Responsible Business Awards Announcement

Conference Recording, (Jul 2, 2019)

Does your company have a sustainable purpose?

Ben Kellard, (Jul 1, 2019)

Amid climate change and ecosystem collapse, companies are under pressure from all sides to put make sustainability part of their core purpose. Ben Kellard of CISL invited 11 leading purpose and sustainability experts and practitioners to explore how best organisations should do this. This is what they came up with

Tech for good: Can fourth-gen technologies put business on a safer emissions flightpath?

Terry Slavin, (Jun 27, 2019)

The July issue of Ethical Corporation looks at how companies are using technologies like AI and blockchain to cut GHG emissions in transport and energy and improve conditions for workers in commodity supply chains. In our second briefing, we examine the role of women in the sector and speak to the Asian startups using tech to address social need

Press Release: Business success through social purpose with Mastercard

Ed Long, (Jun 27, 2019)

Kristina Kloberdanz, Chief Sustainability Officer, Mastercard, to join #RBSWEST, San Diego, October [9-10]

Speed-mentoring initiative Rebus will help women get a hand up the tech ladder

Terry Slavin, (Jun 26, 2019)

Terry Slavin reports on the programme pairing experienced mentors with women aiming for executive roles in the tech industry

Press Release: Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s strategy on circularity

Ed Long, (Jun 26, 2019)

Christopher Wellise, Chief Sustainability Officer, HPE, to join #RBSWEST in October [9-10]

How Asia’s female entrepreneurs are reshaping tech for good

Jill Baker, (Jun 25, 2019)

Jill Baker speaks to four female founders of early-stage tech companies who have beaten the odds of women receiving 2% of global venture capital and are addressing social need