Building the business case for investing in WASH

Ruth Romer, (Aug 28, 2019)

WaterAid's Ruth Romer says the charity is working with the likes of Unilever, Diageo, Twinings and Gap Inc to show that there are business benefits from providing clean water, decent toilets and hygiene facilities to all workers in supply chains

CSR Cheat Sheet part 2: Cooperation on protecting freshwater basins ‘urgently needed’

Oliver Balch, (Aug 28, 2019)

In part 2 of his monthly review of sustainability news, Oliver Balch looks at calls for governments to work together to tackle growing water stress, efforts by Levi Strauss and Primark to reduce water use in their supply chains, and heightened public awareness of climate change

For impact investors to kickstart a low-carbon future, they have to up their game

Harriet Lamb, (Aug 19, 2019)

Backing the same old solutions won’t solve the climate emergency, argues Ashden CEO Harriet Lamb. Systemic change will only happen if money flows to sustainable energy start-ups that are creating disruptive social and environmental change

The IPCC special report on land use: Seven things to know about forests and climate change

Frances Seymour, (Aug 8, 2019)

Frances Seymour of World Resources Institute explains how the UN report confirms the importance of protecting forests in global strategies to fight climate change

How investors can help prevent Brazil’s soy farmers from cutting down forests

Ivo Mulder, (Aug 8, 2019)

Ivo Mulder of UN Environment Programme explains why UNEP has partnered with fund management company Sustainable Investment Management on the Responsible Commodities Facility, which will launch a bond on the London Stock Exchange later this year that incentivises Brazilian farmers to grow soy on degraded lands

Ethical Corporation’s Responsible Business Summit West: Q&A with Mitch Jackson, FedEx

Ed Long, (Aug 5, 2019)

In this Q&A, Ethical Corporation’s Head of US Operations Ed Long talks with Mitch Jackson, VP of Environmental Affairs and Chief Sustainability Officer at FedEx, on their global strategy ‘reduce, replace, revolutionize’ and the importance of RBS West

‘With three activists killed a week, companies must support land defenders or remain complicit’

Alice Harrison, (Jul 30, 2019)

Alice Harrison of Global Witness argues that companies, consumers, investors and governments must all take steps to ensure that our growing demand for food and resources does not cause human rights abuses and irrevocable environmental harm

Nature Keynote: Taking action to tackle climate change

Conference Recording, (Jul 14, 2019)

'Boosting carbon productivity 15-fold will require radical new thinking. Here's six ways to start'

Richard Roberts, (Jul 12, 2019)

Volans’ Richard Roberts says the world needs to dramatically increase GDP per ton of CO2 to avoid the worst of climate change. It's possible, but there's no time to waste

CSR Cheat Sheet: London paints town green for Climate Action Week

Oliver Balch, (Jul 9, 2019)

Oliver Balch pick outs the highlights from a week where the City focused on green finance. The week saw the launch of the UK’s Green Finance Strategy, a green bond to tackle soy deforestation, the Ashden Awards, and a slew of London companies sign up to the Climate Group's RE100, EV100 and EP100 initiatives

‘Poor sister’ of adaptation in spotlight at London Climate Action week

Terry Slavin, (Jul 9, 2019)

Terry Slavin reports on how the Global Commission on Adaptation is seeking to propel finance for resilience up the agenda for policymakers and investors

CCC Keynote: How the UK will meet the 2050 Target

Conference Recording, (Jul 5, 2019)

With the emissions challenge so great, this is no time for the Department for Transport to go rogue

Mike Childs, (Jul 1, 2019)

For the UK to deliver on its new net zero greenhouse gas target, car travel needs to reduce by 20% and flights by 18%. Mike Childs of Friends of the Earth urges the government to put climate change at the centre of its thinking, before it's too late

‘We have to bring the digital data revolution to the farmers growing coffee and cocoa’

Daan de Vries, (Jul 1, 2019)

Rainforest Alliance’s Daan de Vries outlines how fourth-generation technologies are being harnessed across Africa, Asia and Latin America, and to make food production more sustainable and avoid deforestation

'ESG investors need a single standard to measure impact'

James Magor, (Jun 26, 2019)

Despite a growing enthusiasm for impact investment, many asset owners are constrained because of a baffling array of unverified, opaque and incompatible measurement frameworks. James Magor of Actis says this is something his company is trying to help address with its open-source Actis Impact Score

Bigger, faster, smarter: What the conservation movement can learn from the tech industry

Sherri Hammons, (Jun 25, 2019)

Sponsored content: The Nature Conservancy’s Sherri Hammons on how the Techstars Sustainability Accelerator is working to address global sustainability issues

The appliance of science: how AI is making inroads on transport emissions

Angeli Mehta, (Jun 25, 2019)

Angeli Mehta reports on the companies that are using fourth-generation technologies to cut greenhouse gas emissions on roads, the seas and in the air